‘Trevi’ Necklace


Our ‘Trevi’ range has been commissioned to help raise much needed funds for the Trevi charity.

As a charity, Trevi aims to provide safe and nurturing spaces where woman and their children can heal, grow and thrive.

They help women and children recovering from childhood trauma, addiction, mental ill health, criminogenic behaviours and domestic abuse.

You can read more about this charity on their website Trevi charity

BoraBeads will donate £1 for each necklace sold


Chokers are suitable as a children’s necklace but not suitable for under the age of 3.

Chokers made from 8mm bead (5mm skinny)

Short, medium & long from 10mm bead (5mm skinny)

Additional information

Necklace length

Choker/Kids (15"), Choker/kids Skinny (15"), Short (17"), Short skinny (17"), Medium (24"), Medium skinny (24"), Long (45"), Long skinny (45")

Make your own

We have an extensive range of kits with everything you need to make your own beautiful jewellery, supported by our YouTube instructional videos